Useful Links

Digital Research Tools and Reference Works

The Bonn Corpus
Editions of Byzantine Historians available to download in PDF format

The Scylitzes Manuscript
Download a copy of the whole lavishly illustrated manuscript from the  World Digital Library

British Library Digital Manuscripts
Search for digitsed Byzantine manuscripts at the BL

Greek Manuscripts at Oxford
Browse the collection of digitised manuscripts

Manuscrits enluminés des bibliothèques de France

Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet

Blago: Serbian Treasures

Μορφές χορηγίας στην Καππαδοκία

Prosopography of the Byzantine World

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications online

Bibliography on Byzantine Material Culture and Daily Life

Dumbarton Oaks Resources for Byzantine Studies

Dumbarton Oaks’ Online Inventory
Βrowse the DO archives and photographic collections

Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität
Ongoing project to produce a Byzantine Greek-German dictionary, currently running from alpha to pi. Available online and free to use.

Suda On Line   Byzantine Lexicography

Artefacts and Raw Materials in Byzantine Archival Documents

EIKONOLOGION – Digital archives of the natural and cultural heritage of Cyprus



Cefael: Collections de l’Ecole française d’Athènes en ligne 

Δελτίον Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας

Byzantina Symmeikta
Peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal published by the Institute for Byzantine Research (IBR)
of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF)

Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
(Maney Publishing) – Online contents pages from recent issues

Zbornik Radova Vizantoloskog Instituta

Byzantinische Zeitschrift – contents pages from latest issues available

Dumbarton Oaks Papers – selected e-texts available